Travel to and from Edmonton International Airport in luxury and timely manner

Airport Limo Rental

Avoid being late to airport. Call Edmonton Limo Company, which specializes in Airport limo services. Manage your time efficiently by renting Edmonton Limo service. Edmonton Limo rentals ensure that a professional driver will arrive at your doorstep with airport limo on time and assist you with your baggage. Call before landing and airport limo driver will be waiting at the airport gate for you, assisting you with your baggage and will take you right to airport limo and drop you at your destination in a timely manner. After being on the plane one of tired and limo service rental means you get to enjoy your ride in comfort.

Why rent luxury sedan for airport transportation?

Nothing beats getting transported to the airport on a Sedan. Thankfully, we have these vehicles amongst our fleet. You can enjoy the benefits listed below when you decide to use a sedan for your airport transport.

  • Spacious

If you have some luggage that you need to go with at the airport, the sedans in Edmonton Limo Company have the space you need to keep your cargo. Our vehicles are such awesome that we can fold the rear seats let your baggage fit prettily well. Sitting together with your parcel isn’t part of luxury.

  • Speed

You are competing against time as you are going to the airport. Our luxury sedans are light in weight and can easily go for top speeds of above 200 kilometers per hour. If you prefer going at such speeds to be in the airport on time, our chauffeurs have loads of experience in accelerating at such speeds.

  • Convenience to tall passengers

You don’t have to keep on worrying that your head can get into a collision with the ceiling of our sedans on your way to the airport. There is enough space to enable you to rest your head perfectly, and without worrying about encountering an unexpected hit especially where the road is bumpy.

  • Top-notch safety

Our luxurious sedans have safety features to give the passenger and the driver a complete assurance that they are safe. For instance, the forward automatic braking system and the included airbags work in handy to keep you safe as you travel.

  • Super comfort

You need relaxation when heading or coming out of the airport. Our sedans have facilities like beverage holders to save you the hassle of keeping on holding your most favorite drinks.

The entertainment system with modern Television sets keeps you glued and forget any kinds of stressful moments whatsoever.

Luxury Transportation for efficient Airport transfer

We know you need luxurious yet effective limo services for your airport transfer. Edmonton Limo Company doesn’t offer anything lesser than that.

Good time management skills are attributes portrayed well by our chauffeurs. There is no particular time that you can ever miss a flight or stay stranded at the airport as a result of delayed pickup.

Our professional chauffeurs are friendly and social. You can always initiate a conversation if need be or focus on your limo indoor entertainment. Your luggage in the limo should not at any given time worry you. We always remind you after alighting to ensure that any of your property is safe.

The best thing with our limo airport transfers is that they are effective on a 24/7 basis, for all the entire year. You can ask for our service at any given time of the day.

Matters the payment options, we offer multiple means to make the process easy for you. You have the chance to choose the means that work best for you.

EIA Limo Rental